Sure Ways to Lose Money on Your Cattle

Yes you read that correctly . There are things that happen to your cattle that will guarantee you to lose money on that particular animal. The following will show you the most common ways that money is lost of defiencies in cattle.



Improper tags





Improper or late castration results in a coarse steer or a stag

Example 569 lbs steer @ $97.25 = $553.35

569 lbs stag @ $78.75 = $448.09

loss of $ 105.26

Remember: YOU castrated your own calves - we did not do it for you so don't blame us if it hasn't been done properly!!!


On most horned cattle you will lose about $3 per hundred weight. For example, on a 600 lbs steer you would lose $18.00. On 50 horned steers that multiplies to $900.00 plus the $2 per head deduction. Horns cause unnecessary waste in the cattle industry because of bruising and, occasionally, more serious injuries. Feed lots do not want horned animals.

National Identification Program

The Canadian cattle industry has put into effect the Canadian Cattle Identification Program. There is a zero tolerance policy in effect now.Every animal leaving your farm must have a CCIA tag .Inspectors regularly visit the Stockyards to check producer compliance. There is a penalty for violation of this program. Spiritwood Stockyards is unable to put your cattle through the sales ring if hey are not tagged. Arrangements may be made for us to provide assistance prior to sale day for a nominal fee of $5.00 per head for calves, $10.00 per head for cows and $15.00 per head for bulls. Producers must provide the tags.


A common mistake that we see people make is that they wean their calves in the fall for a short time then bring in for sale.If the calves have been weaned for only two or three weeks , they will lave lost weight,lost their bloom and be at their lowest ebb health wise. It is not a good time to sell them. When look their poorest the price will be poor too. They will look stale and NO ONE pays for stale calves.

If you are going to wean animals still in the fall, the calves should be weaned at least six weeks and preferably longer. They should have received all their vaccinations prior to weaning. They should be on the best of growing rations because you will have to have weight gain and have the cattle looking thrifty to get market value out of them.

You would be better off to sell them right off of the cow that to put them in a pen with a bale of hay, a salt block and water for a couple of weeks then sell them. The calves would be better off too.

BSE Surveillance Program Animal Program Inspector – Ron Dewald – North Battleford


 Cell 441-2070

            If you have an animal that cannot be marketed through the Stockyards for various reasons such as (bad eye, bad hips, unhealthy looking lumps, sickness, or any other unknown causes) please contact this office and they will come to your farm, help you destroy the animal and take the head for testing.

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